Digital Formal Iconography - Alexander Dadaev

The artist is opening a dialogue on the critical role that Orthodox Christianity still plays in Eastern Europe, even after countless Soviet anti-religious campaigns, destruction of churches and sacred monuments, execution of priests and 70+ years of propaganda. The mortal need of humanity to believe in higher divine powers, evolved to preserve deeply rooted traditions and rituals until today. ‘I was interested in those, especially in iconography since it’s an alphabet of sacred images and because it was the essence of Russian culture. Even more I’m not religious so I’m not biased by those. Therefore presented artworks shows my take on formal iconographic characteristics and how I personally perceive icons and symbols’.
Alexander Dadaev (1990) is a creative producer in video games and illustration from St.Petersburg, Russia. He graduated from Repin’s Academy of Fine Arts, Polytechnic University (MA in Industrial design), and Telecommunications University (BA in communications)

OPENING Saturday 19 November at 16:30-20:00
HOURS Monday/Wednesday/Friday 16:00-20:00
CLOSING 25th November 2022

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Alexander Dadaev, Evangelists 2022
Digital illustration

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