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Artists: Nurtane Karagil, Stephanie Lemesianou, Hayal Gezer, Memo, Lenia Georgiou, and Zoe Polycarpou.
Curator: Elia Neophytou

OPENING 1 June 2021 at 16:30-21:00
HOURS Tuesday-Friday 16:00-20:0
Saturday - Sunday 15:00-21:00
CLOSING 6 June 2021 until 21:00

The group exhibition 'Mirrored Reflections- Memories of Tampered Identities' presents the works of six Cypriot artists who reflect on the themes of nationalist media, conflict narratives, and the crisis of democracy.
Artists from across the island meet here to draw a new trail together, with their hands that have different stories, with their own genesis, with their own family narratives- to a peace-wise and unforgotten. Linked by a sense of new perspectives and long-lived togetherness. The works speak in stark contrast to the common narratives found in today’s media, that extend to the common beliefs of the people. The works are the personal journeys of going beyond what is told, entering the mirrored universal.

The exhibition is part of the Europe for Citizens' project “Art for Remembrance” that takes place in different cities across Europe and explores the sensitive theme of remembrance in creative ways, allowing local artists to showcase their work and to offer plural narratives.

Have a good journey, exploring the journey of another that we hope becomes your own.


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